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Q. How many circles are there on the American Flag?

A. There are no circles on the American flag, so a flag with 49 stars and one circle (or dot) on it is, by definition, NOT an American Flag, no matter how similar it may be to an American Flag. 

Q  If the Flag Protection Amendment was ratified and thousands of flammable copies of the above flag were made, could they be legally burned in protest?

A.  Do we really want to find out the answer to this question? I hope not!


Why Burnable Flag?

How to REALLY put an end to flag burning....

If we're really serious about putting a stop to flag burning, then there is a way that is guaranteed to work that will actually prevent flag burning (unlike the amendment which will cause incidents of flag burning to increase dramatically.) We start by asking questions: Why do people burn flags? What is it that they hope to accomplish?

It doesn't require a degree in psychology to figure this one out. Flag burners are angry at the United States, usually the government more than the people. What they want is to make a scene and get their protest covered by the media. They want people to see that they are angry, the more the better. They want publicity, as much as they can get.

To REALLY put an end to flag burning and flag desecration once and for all, we need only support....

The Flag Desecration Prevention Policy

 Here's how the FDPP works: 

Whenever members of the media are covering a protest, if it should happen that one of the protesters burns the flag or desecrates the flag by stomping on it, spitting on it, or or otherwise intentionally disrespecting the flag, then the reporters will immediately turn off their cameras, put away their notebooks, pack up their gear and move on to the next story. On the newscast or in the newspaper there will be no mention of the flag desecration, and no mention of the protest (unless the flag burner is a disrupter who is thrown out and discredited by the rest of the protesters, in which case the protest can be covered without any mention of there having been a flag desecrater in attendance) This policy shall apply equally to local, national, and international news coverage.

In order to get the FDPP enacted by the media, we need not create laws, nor constitutional amendments. We need only appeal to the newscast's sponsors. If the sponsors threaten to pull their ads unless the news organizations adopt the FDPP, then the stations will happily comply (after all, why make Americans angry at the newscast or newspaper?) As consumers, the sponsors want to please us. If the sponsors push the FDPP, then we will happily buy their products. It's a win-win situation. If the sponsors ignore the FDPP, we'll ignore them and their products.

What's more, the FDPP will work on protests worldwide while a constitutional amendment would have the opposite effect beyond our borders, prompting MANY more flag desecrations outside of the US by protesters only too happy to show us that we cannot stop dissent by outlawing it.